Wildegg to gisliflue

The most beautiful view of the Canton Aargau, with an amazing walk along the river Aare.

The hike starts at the train station of Wildegg. From there you walk along the river Aare and you will pass by some of the big and impressive Jura cement factories as well as the castle Auenstein. The river Aare is very clean and invites for a short swim. Once you passed through the village Auenstein, the walk is mostly in the cool forest which is good during summer time. As soon as you reach the peak of Gisliflue, the surround view will just amaze you. You will also find a place for a bonfire and grilling station at the top where you can prepare your lunch. The walk back to Wildegg West and when you reach the bridge across the Aare, you will discover amazing side branches of Aare, smaller rivers and wetlands. We hope you enjoy this walk and we will definitely be back to discover more of the river Aare.

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