Vienna in Winter

A couple of days in Vienna during Winter and New Years Eve 2018.

Vienna, a cultural and historical city in the heart of Austria. It is great to visit even in Winter after Christmas. There are still little markets around the city that sell mould wine to keep warm. We went to visit a friend from college and staid with her in a so called “Kleingartenanlage” which literally translates to “small garden compound”. This is quite unique to Vienna, because normally such small garden compounds are just inhabited in summer and are usually not made for permanent residency. Organised by clubs, they are quite common in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and are usually just little garden sanctuaries for people who live in city apartments. However, Vienna changed the rules and allowed permanent buildings with size restrictions, max. two floors and max. 50 m2 each floor. Thanks to our friend it was a great experience staying in such a place.

During the day, we spent most of the time exploring the city and visiting cultural places such as Schönbrunn palace, Vienna opera house, Vienna Hofburg, Vienna National Library and of course the famous Naschmarkt. The city was full of people and tourists from all over the world, which unfortunately meant spending quite some time in queues. We tried to get in to the traditional coffee shop of Hotel Sacher and get a taste of the famous Sacher cake. The line did not move for about 20-30 minute, so we decided to head to the next place and try another day without any luck. If you want to warm up and relax a bit, both, the Onyx bar at Stephansplatz or “Das LOFT” at Sofitel Hotel near Schwedenplatz, offer a great view and relaxing atmosphere. You can also try here the local Vienna Melange coffee and the Sacher cake without the wait. Another great highlight was to eat one of the biggest Schnitzels I have ever seen at Figglmüller, it was even bigger than the plate it was on!

New Years Eve in Vienna is big! The city has the so called “Silvesterpfad” that leads through the whole city centre and features concerts, kiosks with food and drinks and fireworks. We planned everything ahead and decided to go classical with the musical “Bodyguard” at the Ronacher theatre in the afternoon, followed by a buffet dinner and the Silvestergala at the Vienna town hall with classical Vienna waltz music. At midnight, they opened the doors to the town hall balconies and it was just an unforgettable night for all of us!

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