Kandersteg to Oeschinensee

Panoramic and easy hike from Kandersteg to Oeschinen Lake with a cable car ride back to Kandersteg.

Oeschinen Lake is a lake in the Bernes Oberland and considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. The panoramic hike follows the Oeschinen creek, which carries down a lot of gravel and gives a the opportunity for some scenic photos with many waterfalls. There are many different hiking paths up the mountain but we chose an easy route on a paved street with some gravel pathways because our group had some inexperienced hikers. You will find many benches along the road that invite you to take a rest. However, when you reach the Oeschinen Lake you will have enough time to take a rest and spend the afternoon swimming in the clear and clean lake. There are also a couple of mountain restaurants that serve local food and refreshments or use some of the grilling sites. The unique and impressive scenery is totally worth the hike!

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