Holzer Kreuz Round Walk

A short and easy panorama round walk in the southern black forest from Holzer Kreuz to Herrenschwand and back.

I wanted to share this with you for a long time. We went on this hike pretty early in the year and some parts were still snow covered. First, we wanted to do another tour but the initial tour was over 1000 m and not well accessible due to the snow. Then, we decided to do this tour and it was nice and easy, perfect, for getting back into the hiking season and it also has a great panoramic view of the southern black forest.

Your starting point is the Holzer Kreuz parking lot, not far from the Holzer Kreuz restaurant. The first part of the tour leads in the beginning over a small street and grassland to the entrance of the forest. The tour continues through the forest on well maintained forest roads. In between the forest offers great views over the landscape. When you reach the end of the forest your walk continues on a well maintained forest road through grassland in the Herrenschwand direction. It is very beautiful in the spring time when the first plants start to flourish! Herrenschwand offers benches along the hiking trail and restaurants for refreshing before your tour leads back to Holzer Kreuz. The second part is mostly on forest roads again with a panorama view over the valley with farm houses and the Künbach creek. The area is also popular for paraglider who start from the surrounding higher mountains.

The whole tour takes only about 3 hours and is great to get back into shape for more advanced hikes after long winter months. 🙂

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