Desenzano del Garda

Desenzano del Garda is a lovely town in the province of Brescia in Lombardy. I come here regularly because of my work and I always look forward to my trip.

Before going on about the city, I would like to share a personal experience. This time I had a minor medical condition in the middle of the night and had to ask the hotel staff to call an ambulance. My first time to visit the Hospital Desenzano del Garda and all the staff was very kind, helpful and almost all of them spoke English. After staying overnight the hospital staff had already appointments planned with the specialists and the procedures were quick with little waiting periods. After a morning full of procedures the root cause was found, I received my treating plan and could leave the hospital. My thanks again to the hotel staff of Park Hotel and the doctors and nurses at Desenzano del Garda.

Now, let’s talk about the city. Desenzano is located between Milano and Venezia at the southern shore of the lake Garda. You can visit several cities famous cities easily thanks to the good infrastructure with connections to the autostrada A4, A22 and A35. The historic city of Verona is a only 30 minutes drive away and Venice only 1 h 30 min. Desenzano has also many things to offer. Historic buildings with fashion boutiques surround the city centre and harbour.  It is said that even Milan residents come to shop in the fashion boutiques in Desenzano to have the latest designer fashion. On your stroll through the city centre you will have several restaurant options, I personally recommend the Trattoria Alessi that offers a great ambience with fresh salami and prosciutto hanging from the ceiling and a great wine menu. Before dinner you can enjoy an aperitif at the bar and a free-of-charge snack buffet.

Other great things to do, besides going for a swim, are:

  • Boat ride around lake Garda; Sirmione is just a short ride away
  • Visit olive oil producers; I recommend the DOP olive oil from Frantoio Montecroce
  • Golf courses in the area
  • White nights in Desenzano; Usually every Wednesday during the summer months
  • Salsa nights in the local bars
  • Gardaland

You will find plenty of activities around Desenzano del Garda and its´surrounding area.




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