Merano, Italy

Merano, a lovely town in the world famous Dolomits mountains.

On the way from Desenzano del Garda to my hometown Passau in Germany, our first stop was in Merano, Italy, for a late lunch. Merano is a little town in Italy´s South Tyrol region surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites mountains. Merano is also famous for fashion shopping, spas, museums and art nouveau buildings. In winter it is also a great ski resort with slopes and snow parks in the Alpine mountains.  It was a gloomy day and we only had an hour time to visit the city. We chose to just walk through the city center and reached a one-seater chair lift that takes you up to a hotel with a great view over the city and valley. The chair lift leads over a vineyard and it looks also a bit scary. If you are afraid of it and you have more time, you can also hike up to the hotel on trails through the vineyard. You will have an amazing view from the hotels terrace and they serve food and drinks; try the apple strudel and ice coffee! All in all it was worth the detour and it was great to see the historical city center , we just wish we would have had more time to explore it more.


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